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The pallu portion of the drape is then draped over a shoulder in order to get the visuals of a proper indian saree. See more ideas about saree, saree draping styles and drape sarees. The double saree drape is a unique and innovative saree draping style developed by indian fashion designer shaina n. Inverted border drape style saree start with the basic way of draping followed with pleats that should be tucked slightly towards left. If you are a company looking to employ, hire or contract someone with experience using scene7 image authoringdraping software, we can work for you to ensure you get the best results. Its drape is referenced the world over and worn by var bingdata. And like all art forms, the styles of draping a saree also evolves with time. It is easy to execute and does not require any pleating at the waist. Most of our initial customers are traditional indian retail brands who have a rich collection of sarees. Mermaid style, as the name suggests, will create the final look identical to a mermaid taking help of the saree pleats. Looking beautician and salon for professional saree draping in bangalore. If you have a flat midriff to flaunt, this style can be the dearest of all the saree draping styles for. But, while wearing it you have to be really careful about.

On site draping services and stylist services up to the day of your event including customized blouse designtailoring, accessory selection. Maharani style saree drape or gujarati style saree. This classic six yards long drape has fascinated women folk since eternity. Just watch this amazing and easy diy tutorial to learn how to drape a saree in this style. For instance, a slimmer person would be better off wearing a thicker heavier fabric than one who is heavier built, but then again, it would also matter a great deal on the. Wear the palla back to front and drape it open across your torso. Though it is suitable for almost all body types, curvaceous ones tend to get an advantage here. How to wear sari in reverse mermaid style sexy and trendy style of saree drape very easy to wear drape half nd half saree or two colour sari in this style.

Unlike other sarees, mermaid style does not have any pleats in the front. See more ideas about saree draping styles, saree and drape sarees. Sumanth cheedella, cofounder at drapezy 2019present. She wore a beautiful anamika khanna piece draping the pallu like a dupatta in the front making it one splendid idea for us to carry out some evening. The amazing history of indian saree is the testimony of this fact. The mermaid drape style is a form of drape from the basic but giving the curvy effect on the hip section. In this style saree will have close fitting at the hip section and flared out at hem thus making it look like a skirt.

How to wear saree in bengali style, follow these steps, start tucking the saree end from the right side of the waist and until it completes one full. After this, you have to get start with the tucking of your saree from the left. Here we tell you all the basics about saree draping and saree draping styles. Mermaid style of saree draping explained by dolly jain.

The rajrani saree draping style will ensure you turn heads with each step you take. Talk of the poise, grace, and charm it awards the lady draping it, or of the. The picture below demonstrates the usual saree draping style. Saree is the only dress with which a woman can portray herself in more than features whether its sensuality or simplicity, saree has the charm to portray both in an elegant way. Mermaid style particularly became famous when bollywood celebrities started to flaunt it. However, before you proceed to learn the saree draping styles, it is better to know. How to wear a saree in reverse mermaid style dolly jain saree. Nivi style, corporate style, gujrati style, double drape, lehanga style, mermaid style, mumtaz style, bengali style and various other styles with all variations. Being in the industry for more than 15 years the brand had showcase their talent and expertise in bridal makeup, movie makeup, fashion shows, model shoots, corporate events, weddings, birthdays etc. This option may provide veil draping for the bride, still leaving details to be managed for sari draping for your bridal party. Please see the attached photos for some sample draping styles or visit my website at. Be it in bridal kanjeevaram sarees or the heavy designer sarees pleated drapes work perfectly. Pinkosu saree styling and draping technique utsav fashion. You have to complete one full round back and that to the right side.

Maharani style drape is a royal style etched in the world of fashion for the elegance, sophistication, radiance and magnificence it flaunts. Throw the pallu over the shoulder and secure with pin or a brooch. This makes you look slimmer with the diagonal pallu drape and. Reverse mermaid style of saree draping fish cut style saree draping jalpari style saree draping duration. She has set an inspiration and pioneered the world of fashion.

See more ideas about saree draping styles, indian outfits, indian dresses. Mermaid style draping differs from other sarees because of the way it is draped and pleated. Reverse mermaid style of saree draping explained by dolly jain. Pallu followed from the waist is secured with pin on the shoulder. Ensure the saree length falls just an inch short of the floor. While traditional bengali sarees do not always involve a reverse drape, this alternative bengali style is more popular because of its uniqueness. Indian sari history and how it changes over the time. Just watch this amazing and easy diy tutorial to learn how to drape a s aree in this style. Learn about fees, syllabus, schedule, phone numbers, admission details and contact addresses for saree draping classes and saree draping courses in india. This style is particularly good if the pallu is heavy or the border is embellished. The lower portion of the saree is tucked near the waist without any pleats and the front pallu is wrapped around the hip to give the mermaid silhouette below. You could always pick up sarees which have small geometric patterns. Hello ladies, after receiving your overwhelming response for 7 different ways to drape lehenga dupatta i am back with another tutorial about saree draping style. Like most regions in india, bengal too has its traditional way of draping sarees.

It is one of the most graceful dress for a woman which adds on in the beauty and elegance of a. When it comes to ethnic couture, indian sari surely deserves special mention. Saree draping for android free download and software. If you are a company looking to employ, hire or contract someone with experience using scene7 image authoring draping software, we can work for you to ensure you get the best results. Get a blouse of bright colour, design or pattern to boost the appeal of the saree.

The point really is that a saree does possess the ability to make one look slimmer and this is more easily done when the choice of the saree is right as is the draping style. How to wear saree to look slim indian fashion blog with. A mermaid cut lehenga choli or the fish cut lehenga choli, regardless of what you call it, this new and innovative style of lehenga choli certainly leaves a mystical aura. How to wear a saree in reverse mermaid style dolly jain. The lower portion of the saree is draped to look more like a skirt and gives a slimming look to the wearer. Reverse mermaid style saree draping saree draping by dolly.

You can flaunt this draping style can be worn in two different ways. The traditional saree styles are the gujarati front pallu, the bengali drape, the coorgi style or the nine yards nauvari style. Be it in bridal kanjeevaram sarees or the heavy designer. Saree draping by kalpana shah sari guide draping a saree step step guide draping a bengali saree.

Learn the art of making perfect pleats for sarees with broad borders using saree draping pegs. Twirl the border facing towards down and wrap around the hip meanwhile tuck it at the back waist. Bring the pallu to the left side over the shoulder and pin it up. Also known as floating style, this is one of the most popular casual styles to drape a saree in. The saree is wellfitted at the bottom and accentuates your curves like no other type of saree. How to drape mermaid style saree best drape dolly jain youtube. Though not an everyday style among bengali women any more, they still adopt this style of draping on special occasions such as durga puja or at family weddings. To cover, hang, or decorate with cloth in loose folds. The pallu is made to fall in front or as in the picture.

Pleated saree drape the pleated saree drape is one of the most common drapes that we see. How to wear a saree in reverse mermaid style dolly jain saree draping styles. When trying to emulate the aesthetics of chettinad, pinkosu saree is the right drape to choose. Oct 23, 2016 well start with tucking one end of the saree in the inskirt and wrap one full round.

Draping definition of draping by the free dictionary. Thus, when it comes to a pinkosu saree, draping is what really creates the look of this saree the most. The mermaid saree draping style is well suited for any body shape. The saree uses the mixture of methods to style up the mermaid look, having a close fitting hip section to flared bottom hem section giving the mermaid style look. Half and half or double toned designer sarees with heavily decorated borders and pallu are ideal for this style. So without further delay lets watch how you can make a mermaid style saree drape in the following video. Its drape is referenced the world over and worn by millions of women on a daily basis. This mermaid style saree draping is a fusion of traditional and contemporary way of how to wear a saree. Latest styles of wearing sarees latest saree draping. The region where a woman belongs mostly influences the way a saree is worn by her.

Dolly jain how to wear a saree in reverse mermaid style. The style of draping a saree is a reflection of the state she belongs to. The mermaid style saree is best worn with lighter nets and chiffons and the drape is done in a manner that the pleats are formed on the side and back while the front has none, thus not allowing the typical tummy bulge to form, the kind one sees in most sarees. A mermaid style saree drape beautifully exemplifies the latest innovations in saree draping.

A simple step by step guide for draping a saree 28 th jun 2016. We offer various bridal makeup, hair style and saree draping of all sorts. Coorgi style is popular for its unique draping style. We can set you up with a server for real time draping and build everything you need. Her creative draping techniques have won her an impressive roster of clients, bollywood celebrities to industrialists. This is a trendy way to style sarees of all types, and is a great alternative to the traditional single saree drape. A lot of brides these days want to use their own makeup artist and hair stylist for their wedding day.

Here is your diy video tutorial on how to do a mermaid saree drape at home. Wearing the great indian saree in most stylish way. Saree is one of the oldest traditional attire of india. Saree is the most versatile female garment in the world, its an incredible design contribution from india. Visualization of garments and the various use cases by tri3d. The traditional 6 yards garment, a saree, has several styles and draping patterns. How to wear saree in bengali style best saree draper in. Tweak a few steps and voila, you have some interesting saree draping styles. In the mermaid draping style just like the gujarati style the pallu is taken to the front from behind. As we love to explore the new and glamorous saree draping styles, we have put this post together to share what we have found on the internet.

It is worn in the gujarati way with a bit of a variation while styling the pallu. Oct 18, 2014 there is one solution for all your saree draping problems style drapers. Dolly jain reverse mermaid style of draping a saree. Bobybrush is one of the highest quality and excellent makeup service providers in hyderabad. Bhairavi jaikishen though it is suitable for almost all body types, curvaceous ones tend to get an advantage here. Dolly jain how to wear saree to look slim dolly jain. The pinkosu saree is a drape that originates from tamil nadu and is one of the most popular styles of draping a saree in south india. How to digitally drape sarees using software for selling online quora. For this way of draping, you should make your pallus less wide and the bottom has to be pressed like a.

Women with a perfect stature may choose to wear mermaid saree on occasions like wedding and engagement ceremonies. It is a simple style where you drape the saree the common traditional way with pleats in the front and keep the pallu open along your shoulder as well as your arm. Find best experienced beautician for saree draping in bangalore, karnataka at affordable prices online at. The coorgi style of draping a saree hails from a small hill staion named coorg located in the indian state of karnataka. Here is a short course for all the women, who would like to learn how to wear the most sought indian wear, which is the saree. Now, pick the other end of the saree and make pallu pleats. It is because when a software drapes these design elements say, on a flat model. How to drape mermaid style saree utsav fashion blog. Firm pulling as well as pinning of the pallu pleats around the waist will give you a fitted look.

Not only is it great for sarees with rich borders, but is also a great draping style if you really want to show off that backless blouse. If costumes from across the world are put to a trial by beauty, we doubt if any other attire could match up to a saree in its grace and elegance. So, if you wish to have a unique look while maintaining a surreal touch, a mermaid style lehenga choli absolutely serves the purpose. Saree is one of the most magnificent and traditional dress for a woman. Saree draping is an art in which every women should excel and it can make one look absolutely stylish. One saree can be draped in so many unusual saree draping.

Hold the pallu pleats, from around the back bring it to the front and place it over the right shoulder. It has no pleats in the front part of the saree, thus giving the saree an appearance of skirt and flattening your figure a bit. In fact, it is draped in such a way that the front looks like a skirt. How to drape saree in different ways saree can be draped in as many styles as there are types of indian sarees. Saree draping for wedding, reception and engagement party. A simple step by step guide for draping a saree how to.

A sari, saree or shari is a womens garment from the indian subcontinent that consists of an unstitched drape varying from 4. Feb 24, 2020 reverse mermaid style of saree draping fish cut style saree draping jalpari style saree draping duration. Draping a saree for many women in india is well known but the different. The most common style of draping a saree is the nivi style which was originally common in the state of andhra pradesh but now has become the most popular style of sari draping all over india. As the mermaid drape need long saree to wrap around, it is suggestible to take a nine yards saree for the purpose. Saree draping made easy different ways of draping a. Either you can wear it with the pallu at the back or bringing the pallu on front. Everything you wanted to know about mermaid style saree.

Avoiding horizontal stripes is one of the best tricks on how to wear saree to look slim. Along with following the correct saree draping styles to look slim, you should also make efforts to avoid sarees which have horizontal stripes and also and other large geometric patters. How to wear sari in reverse mermaid style sexy and. Dec 14, 2016 it is worn in the gujarati way with a bit of a variation while styling the pallu. It is also considered as one of the beautiful outfit in world as it exudes elegance. Learn how to wear reverse mermaid style saree draping by dolly jain and she was a gunnies book award winner for fastest draping in saree. This style essentially includes draping two sarees together in a seamless way, creating a distinctive and voluminous look. A saree is the six yard description of indian femininity. Identifying all the design elements of the saree is important. A perfect drape for bride to be and her mother the pallu is highlighted very. Sonam has always tried new styles when it comes to draping a saree. The most voguish of saree styles, mermaid style is a perfect confluence of traditional draping with the modern take. Choose a light saree with contrast or embroidered pallu and border to get the beauty of the draping style.

The mermaid style of saree draping will give you a style which is absolutely perfect for all the indian women, symbolizing the grace of indian heritage and enthusiasm of the present day. How to drape saree in different ways, how to wear sari. Couldnt believe my ears when i got a call to be a part of band baajaa bride. It is considered to be extremely elegant and highly different from the regular draping styles that are prevalent throughout india. Here are some of the most innovative and different styles that you cant miss in 2020.

Pair this saree with a nose ring and some jasmine flowers and you will look like. Saree draping is an art kalpana shah has mastered over the years. Now take the longer end of the saree and make five to six pleats. The usual way of wearing a saree is the base for all other saree draping styles. This style is too unique and cannot be matched with any traditional way of draping a saree. It captures new and famous fashion trends in saree draping styles. There are nearly 80 different ways of wearing a saree. See more ideas about saree, blouse designs and saree blouse designs. First you have to do is that you should be tucking the saree very end and that too from the right side of your waist. See photos, profile pictures and albums from saree draping.

In coorgi style of draping, the pallu is tucked neatly over the shoulder in front and saree pleats are pushed backwards. Mermaid style saree draping this saree style gives a flattering look irrespective of body shape. Drapezy digital draping software easy ecommerce saree. See more ideas about saree wearing, saree wearing styles and saree. Mermaid style of saree draping fish cut style saree.

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