Nnnplantation management operation in banana and plantain pdf

To organize and coordinate a global research effort on banana and plantain, aimed at the. In southern cameroon, bananas and plantains musa play an important role in the populations diet. Remove lower leaves from the banana plant as they get old because they can spread diseases and scratch the bunch. The following article details about banana farming techniques, planting methods of banana, caring banana plants and harvesting techniques. Major problems of banana and plantain production enterprises among others. Our study was carried out in order to list the varieties of bananas and plantains mostly used by housewives and restaurant dealers and to describe the various culinary preparations used for their.

In cameroon and southern nigeria, a comparative study was carried out in 480 households. July 04, 2014 4 production systems designed to produce the banana for the external market using intensive labor, advanced technology, and a wide number of chemical inputs. In nigeria, banana and plantain have always been very important traditional staple foods for both rural and urban populations. Biology and integrated pest management of banana weevil. Cover the banana bunches with bags for protection against insects and wind. Identification and integrated pest management in banana and. After cooking, the plantains are peeled and pounded hot in a mortar. The sucker should have narrow, swordshaped leaves, with a pseudostem of 5 to 40 cm in height sword. Plantain and banana are important staples and source of income for the smallholders that grow them in the humid forest and midaltitude agroecologies of subsaharan africa. Plantains are a major sub group of the cultivated banana musa spp. Bananas and plantains are grown in more than 120 countries, in backyards or in mixed. One acre of plantain and banana has about 800 1,000 plants and the.

There are many food uses of these crops relative to the eating habits of consumers. Routine postharvest screening of bananaplantain hybrids. Infected plantations with poor management are sources of. The crops are almost matured and can be harvested within the next one month. Pdf processing and food uses of banana and plantains in. Banana occupies 20% of the area among the total area under crop in india.

Cost analysishow to setup plantain plantation in nigeria with pictures by pavore9. Post harvest operations page 5 plantain pastry lined with green leafy vegetables plantain fingers, generally of the horn or false horn type, are cooked in water with leafy vegetables pumpkin leaves, amaranth leaves, etc. Banana is one of the major and economically important fruit crops of india. The international plant genetic resources institute is an autonomous international scientific organization operating under the aegis of the consultative group on. Production of transgenic banana and plantain article pdf available in acta horticulturae 540540. Crop profile for plantain and banana in puerto rico ipm database. The labour used for farm operations in the production of banana and plantain was.

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